Thursday, 12 October 2017


It was truly hard challenge to find perfect Trench Coat for this season. But I finally found it thanks to my favorite ZAFUL as usual! I'm totally happy to wear it especially in Vienna. Few days before I received my trench the weather was horrible: dark, rainy and cold, but now there is Indian Summer outside and I wear my trench with huge pleasure. 
Most of all I like it's sleeves which look so vintage. It's cool that sleeves little bit  short for me, because I  like when caffs of my shirt are visible. I made this outfit in style of my new city and I really like myself in this image. I hope you share my opinion about it <3

Trench is really great, I like its quality and style so much. It's quite hard to iron this trench because of texture, but you need to do it just once after receiving, than it wan't be rumple. 

If talk about my blues - It's Mango, but I found it in Humana here in Vienna for 7 EURO, I think that it's good price for such great thing. So do not leave a hope to find something special in second-hand stores <3


shirt - MANGO
trench coat - ZAFUL
shoes - & other stories
pants - ZARA

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